Contract Electronics Manufacturing

Contract electronics manufacturing

Facilities equipped for flexibility. safety. quality.

As your strategic partner, BCS has a state-of-the-art production facility and is proudly an ISO: 9001-2015 partner. The team at BCS will meet with you early in the product design & engineering phase to ensure a complete

understanding of each product. Our engineers and project managers pride themselves in being engaged with the client through to the prototyping and field trials. Once the product has passed all testing stages, our team at BCS will start Volume Production and engage the client with various options for shipping like Antistatic Product Wrap, shock-proof foam and custom boxing to be sent to the client or the customer directly. Next, our engineers and project managers will create documentation (manuals, assembly procedures and repair procedures) for each product. Our final step is to create a fleet management plan that will extend the life of the product for several years allowing the client to maintain a healthy ROI on each product.

The BCS Production Team takes pride in each individual product that we manufacture! We proudly have one of the lowest Field DOA rates in the industry.